Search Guidelines

Welcome to the collections of the Mineral King Preservation Society! Here you can search for people, places, documents, artifacts, and events mentioned in our collections. NOTE: The search results will display only public documents or restricted documents to which we have granted you access. To request access to more material, contact us via our form, or


The search results will be displayed according to the relevancy of the document to your search request. The results will include snippets of the document to give you a sense of its content. The size of the document is indicated below. To access the document, click on the document title or the URL. IMPORTANT: Please take note of the document size. Some of our documents are extremely large and may take many minutes to download.


1. Keyword search

Simply enter one or more keywords and the search engine will return all pages that contain either all keywords or at least one keyword depending on which option you select.

2. Wildcard search

By default, the search engine searches for exact keywords only. This means that a search for mine will not return pages containing the words mineral. However, if you want to search for all words that begin with mine, you can add an asterisk (*) after the keyword (mine* instead of mine). Of course, you can also put the wildcard in front of a keyword or in the middle of a keyword.

3. Phrase search

Sometimes you need results that include an exact phrase. By default, searching for mineral king could return a page that doesn't include the phrase mineral king, but instead lists minerals present in a mine called Silver King. To narrow your results, simply put quotation marks around your search term ("mineral king" instead of mineral king) and the search engine will only return pages that contain the exact phrase.

4. Forcing a keyword

This feature is useful when you are searching for multiple keywords but want to ensure that a page contains a certain keyword, whether or not it contains the others. To achieve this, put a plus (+) in front of the required keyword (without space). For example,  if you want to know about silver mining and , you are  looking for pages that contain either the word mining or smeltering and the word silver. Therefor your search term should be smeltering mining +silver.

5. Excluding a keyword

To exclude a keyword, put a minus (-) in front of it. By doing this, pages containing this keyword will not appear in the search results . For example, if you want to learn everything about Mineral King that doesn't pertain to its mines or silver, you should search for "mineral king" -mine -silver.