Image of Montgomery Atwater

Atwater, Montgomery

Avalanche expert who did work for Walt Disney Productions c. 1969

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Image of Roger Broggie

Broggie, Roger

Head of manufacturing area of WED Enterprises/Walt Disney Imagineering.

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Image of Robert Brown

Brown, Robert

Architect and art director for WED Enterprises.

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Image of Royal Clark

Clark, Royal

Secretary-Treasurer and, later, Executive Vice President of WED Enterprises, Inc.

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Image of Frederick Cochrane

Cochrane, Frederick

Resport planner who did the Mineral King resort feasibility studies for WED Enterprises, Inc.

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Image of Marvin Davis

Davis, Marvin

WED Enterprises designer.

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Image of Wilfred "Slim" Davis

Davis, Wilfred S.

Forest Service official instrumental in developing the plans for an all-season resort at Mineral King.

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Image of Roy E. Disney

Disney, Roy E.

Son of Roy O. Disney and nephew of Walt Disney.

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Image of Roy O. Disney

Disney, Roy O.

Older brother of Walt Disney and cofounder of the Disney company in 1923.

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